Saturday, 7 January 2012


hye pepps and bloogers,hri ni pelk sikit title for my post,cos i got a nightmare,suck nightmare ever and i won't forget that!people now day sometime don't care about their night mare,btween i care about my dream ,plus all my dream before dawn! and i beilive there must somethings wrong that day,. now i wan't to cry,even after i got that night mare i wake up and cry
that was my weird night mare ever!,in my night mare ,my close cousin death and after him death i meet him! :'( such like a damn persone ever! when i wake i heard azan,that was my night mare and some people say ,"if u got a night mare before azan subuh it could be something haappen"
at the morning i got a bad feeling,i think i loose my close cousin but no,suchly i lose my love popo
suchly that my test,after i got a test from him who will beilive my night mare came but with other person,popo gone ,i lose him,then he disapear! just same like my night mare,i'm not crying for my close cousin btween i cry cos i lose my love aggaain,!
i miss him,affter i through out the test from him i thought we will more happy but conversely not
we more apart from each other
i hate this love! i mis him :'(

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