Friday, 16 September 2011

i W.A.I.T.I.N.G 4 You

today i still here,
waiting for you,althoung you never come to me..
i waiting for you to hug me n tell that you love me..
i stuck.fall out cause of you ..
they sympatchic of me couse ait someone like a dumb.,
there was many boys out, in 2 million guys i just wait for you unti you realise that have one girl wait for you..
i miss you laugh, i miss that way you fool me.. i known that just a jke to make me smile
here like no sunrise.i miss the way we breath..
but i never told you i wanna have with you
n now i suffer without you
can;t bealive that i want you
after all you though out..
i see you when i sleep,when i here i find you but you never at my side
when you not around with me it;s like i;m not with me
no i never told you i just held in it

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