Thursday, 8 March 2012

when the moment

When I talk about myself,maybe that not a sweet memories for other btween can u believe when u talk about memories to ourself seriously that was a sweet memories ever. We can’t though what will happen and we never known what will become after that. Talk about myself seriously today was akward day ever! For all of 17 years I alive,today I got a sick! U known what I never though this will happen,but if this situation is the best situation for me I never regret,cause I known every people will had a bad day in their life,. For this day of the first day I can’t accept this situation and I cry over it,then u known maybe other thinks mybe this was for awhile,but if this for awhile I mostly thankful.! U known Nurul Najiha maybe for awhile u is my ears to provide the tears! Maybe it’s was annoying situation I hope I can through this alone one day… I can’t hear what they say for the full! I just can heard some of what they say! My God why all this happen to me>? I can’t cry for all  day cause I don’t want people that close to me sad over my cry,I don’t want other cry for me. I just hopely all will be more better than today ,I hope,I hope.i can’t bear this! Maybe other people more suffer than me but I need time in my life to match this situation on my life  . IF THIS THE BEST FOR ME PLEASE SUPPORT ME :’)

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