Thursday, 18 August 2011

who i'm to you
take severl minutes to make you hate me
love me take a long time
long joourney we together
but our relationship never change
when you breath i fall out to you
again n again i remind my self
~you have to take your time~
lots of patience lost cuse of you
this not your way to love me
but that was a way to drop me out of your life
i known i not a perfect gurl in your hearth
btween in this world do not have a person who is perfect
that just an accuse or you to forget me
i try to claim down
but toninght you make me cahnge my mind cause have someone like you in my life
my life were perfect
you always thought that i dont have a felling
but what yiu think is not my attitude
bring me to you world
that was not a cheap world but lot of memories
that cannot pay with money

i sware i need you

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